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Hi everyone! Here is my 4 week update since taking down my original two strand twist on November 30th and re-twisting them back up. I will be doing a semi-freeform journey for the next year. At least that is my goal. I'm still loving my journey! Be sure to subscribe and stay tuned to follow my loc journey and for more updates.

Showing my protective style and answering a few questions 🙂

(I know you can't see my locs, that is the point, they are under my twists and I'm showing that you can still do different styles with your locs, plus I like to hide my hair in the cold weather and this is the perfect way to keep it protected)

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It's been three months on my loc journey and it has been a beautiful beginning! Zy and I weigh in on keeping moisture and getting rid of dandruff naturally…while also having a little too much fun lol. I forgot to mention in the video that I wash my locs with Dr. Bronner's soap and I do not use conditioner because it can cause buildup in locs. I just moisturize after washes with oil ( usually coconut oil, sometimes castor, olive, almond, or jojoba). Thanks for watching! Feel free to comment, like & don't forget to subscribe for more videos!

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Its been 6 months since we have started our healthy and natural hair journey!! Check out our update, growth, products, styles, and our goals for the next six months.

Please excuse the length of the video, its been a while since our last update so we had a lot of information that we wanted to cover.

Products mentioned:
Pure Honey:
Pure Olive Oil:
Unrefined Coconut Oil (Spectrum):
Shea Moisture Moisture Retention Shampoo:
Creme of Nature Scalp Relief Shampoo:
Suave Naturals Tropical Coconut Conditioner:
Creme of Nature Moisture Extreme Conditioner:
Palmer's Coconut Oil Protein Pack:
Creme of Nature Argan Oil Strength & Shine Leave-In Conditioner:
Naturally Silk Elements Leave-In Conditioner:
Eco Styler Olive Oil Gel:
Raw Shea Butter (Whipped):

Start of our hair journey:







Hairlista Inc.

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Natural Hair | $10 Kinky Hair Clip Ins (watch in HD)

Cuban Twist Hair can be purchased at your local BSS but if you want to buy it online:

Wig Clips, Hair Needle, and thread can also be purchased at your local BSS and a very cheap
You do NOT have to put product on your Marley/cuban Hair I'm just extra.

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