An impromptu hairstyle with my baby locs.
I haven't done anything significant to my hair besides start my lock journey. This hairstyle was born out of boredom.

Please comment your thoughts and suggestions.


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Since 2009, yarn twists have been my favorite protective style. In this video, I answer the following questions:

What type of yarn do you use? Where do you buy it?
Does yarn make your hair dry?
How long do you keep the yarn in your hair?
Which is better — yarn braids or twists?
What products do you use while wearing yarn twists?
How often do you wash your hair?
How do you wash your hair?
Does your hair get frizzy?
Do you retwist your hair?
What do you like the most about wearing yarn?
What do you like the least about wearing yarn?

Please understand these are my opinions and are based on my personal experience. All heads of hair are different.

Check out MsVcharles' Yarn Braid FAQs video:


Other questions I thought about (or was asked) after making the video:

Why is yarn better than using synthetic hair? (my opinion only)
(1) It is inexpensive, and one package is enough for my entire head. (2) A little frizz enhances the "naturalness" of the look. (3) They resemble locs. (4) My hair stays soft. (5) Yarn is light and doesn't weight down my hair.

Does yarn damage your hair?
No, yarn doesn't damage your hair if you keep vigilant about the build-up that will occur at the base of some braids or twists. I have had some breakage due to poor detangling sessions after removing the yarn. See my videos for more information:

Yarn Twist Extensions and My One Major Complaint!

Avoiding Yarn Twist Build-Up

How many pieces of yarn do you use for each twist?
If I'm doing small yarn twists, I use three strands of yarn for each twist and only two strands on my edges. If I am doing chucky yarn twists (larger sections for each twist), I use four strands of yarn for each twist and three strands on my edges.

How do you finish your ends?
I use to knot the end of the twist, cut the excess yarn below the knot, burn the knot and roll and seal. Then I started holding the end of the twist and burning it above my fingertips. I would roll, seal and cut off the excess yarn. It was supposed to seal the ends and give the twist a candlewick effect. That didn't work too well for me, and I went back to making a knot and burning.

See how seal my ends with the knot and burn (smaller yarn twists):

See the "candlewick ends" (chucky yarn twists):


Ayurvedic Tea Shampoo Videos:

Making a Cleansing Tea (to shampoo hair)

Another Cleansing Tea Recipe (to shampoo hair)

Using a Cleansing Tea to Shampoo Hair

Hair Disclaimer: I enjoy sharing what I am learning about my hair. It's fun creating hair videos, and I hope they are helpful to others. However, I'm showing only what may or may not work for me. All heads of hair are different.

DISCLAIMER: I purchased all the products used or mentioned in this video. I am not affiliated with any of the sellers or companies.

How To Install Genie Locs/Braids:
Moisturizing Genie Locs/Braids:

It took about 7 hours total to finish my hair, the wrapping was a crazy tedious process, which I don't believe I'd. . .(Cont.) Visit to read more

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